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Club Policy

Policy | Forms | Documents

Following are a collection of documents and forms that may be required by parents, participants, volunteers and interested parties.

Most documents are provided in either PDF or Microsoft Word format. You may need to download software to your computer or device in order to be able to open, print or edit these documents.

Code of Conduct

Child Safety

Sport Integrity Australia
eLearning certificate

Download the Commitment to Safeguarding Children and Young People here.

Visit the Cricket Australia – Safeguarding Children and Young People page here.

Download the Child Protection Officer – Complaint Handling Course Certificate here.

Download the Policy for Safeguarding Children and Young People here.

Download the Checklist for adoption of Australian Cricket’s Policy here.

Rules & Accreditations

Download the Bankstown Sports Cricket Club By Laws here.

Download theThe Alcohol and Drug Foundation’s Good Sports Program Level 3 Accreditation here.

COVID-19 Safety Plan

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